Tuesday, 3 February 2015

First ever Singaporean burlesque show!

After 4 YEARS of campaigning, many illegal workshops, a society, a club, and a whole load of #GIRLPOWER… I can’t hide the news any longer!! Last night, in Singapore, I became the first Singaporean woman in history to perform a FULL public burlesque routine legally!! I can’t tell you what an emotional moment this is…. From day 1 in burlesque I dreamt of this day, I fought so hard to change the laws… and last night, on the year of Singapore’s 50th birthday… I ACTUALLY did it! We came, we conquered, and we did it all in the name of Freedom of Expression! To everyone who has ever wanted to “live the impossible dream” - don’t you ever forget: anything is possible x x x #SingaporeBurlesque

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