Monday, 29 June 2015

Burlesque SG50 style ;) Representing Singapore at BHOF

One more for luck! Photo by the legendary Bob Debris!

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Photoshoot at the burlesque hall of fame

Thank you to the utter gent that is Bob Debris for this shot of me backstage at the Burlesque Hall of Fame #bhof :) 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Blanxart chocolates in London - obsessed!

Homecoming candy! Obsessed with these Blanxart chocolate kitty tongues nom nom!

Flown back to the UK

Flying back to the UK #worldtour #showgirlontour #plane #wanderlust #goodbyeamerica To see videos of my journey, head over to my Instagram! @sukkisingapora 

On my way back to the UK with Caitlyn Jenner

I'm on my way back to the UK!! Thank you so much for having me, USA, 4 cities in 2 months! To everyone who came to see me perform in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco - you were wonderful! And to all my friends, old and new, and promoters and performers alike - til next time!! My reading material for the flight - supporting a fellow woman who had the courage to be herself :)

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Burlesque legend Barbara Yung has given my tribute act her blessing!

A moment I shall never forget - speaking to 96 year old living Asian burlesque legend Barbara Yung, telling her how much she inspired me, and letting her know about my tribute act which I performed at this year's burlesque hall of fame. I wasn't sure how she was going to react, and if she'd have said "do your own thing" I'd have stopped in an instant!, but instead - and overwhelmingly - she thanked me for remembering her, and not letting her performances be forgotten, and I'm so emotional to be able to say that..... she has given my act her blessing. 

So here I am, at Hubba Hubba's Monday night revue in San Francisco, the home where you burned so brightly (and still do!) on the stages in the 1940s, performing for the first time my tribute to you, Barbara Yung, with your blessing. With an intro featuring one of your favourite pieces, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, followed by my own bump and grind, and named "The China Darling Showgirl" after your China Darlings of 1950” Revue at Fong’s Club Shanghai in San Francisco. You will never, ever, be forgotten. Thank you x x x 

(Special thanks to Korene, Dale and Helen who allowed me to meet my maker)

Saturday, 20 June 2015

I'm about to speak to the Barbara Yung

My life is about to change forever.. I am about to speak to my inspiration, my idol, my role model. One of the reigning queens of San Francisco's Chinese nightclub scene in the 1940s, the now **96 year old** Asian burlesque legend, and one of the first Asian burlesque performers in the world, who gave hope to women of colour such as myself wanting to forge a career in burlesque.. the one and only: Barbara Yung... I can't breathe.

Meeting my maker in San Francisco..

In San Francisco Chinatown with two people I greatly admire, Dale and Korene, because a very special phone call is about to take place between us and someone who has changed my life forever.. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

BHOF Red Carpet Thursday ootn

Burlesque hall of fame red carpet Thursday night. Customised vintage cheongsam from Aly Vintage of New York. Photo by Heather Schofner Photography.

Burlesque Hall of Fame Red Carpet

Red carpet close up :) I'm wearing 1950s Vintage dress from @shareendotcom of New York. Photograph by Don Spiro x

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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Burlesque Hall of Fame Sukki Singapora

Safely on to my next city, and the #BHoF wristband is removed! Just wanted do say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me on the night, to the incredible team behind the scenes, and to you lovely, lovely people who have welcomed me so warmly into your tribe! Thursday night's Burlesque Hall of Fame representing Singapore was the best performance of my life, and quite possibly one of the best days of my life too!!!! I will never forget this moment - so thank you!  And til next year!! Goodbye Las Vegas, and goodnight! x x x @burlesquehall 
#burlesque #burlesquehalloffame 

Las Vegas burlesque Photoshoot

One more for luck.... Behind the scenes at my very special shoot with photographer Britten Traughber ;) #lingerieshoot #victoriassecret #brittentraughber #bhof 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Las Vegas Photoshoot BHOF

Exploring Las Vegas for prime photoshoot locations with the exquisite photographer that is Britten Traughber :) #bhof

Visiting Burlesque Hall of Fame museum

Being shown around the #BHoF @burlesquehall museum by the lovely Darby Fox and discussing the history of #desi burlesque artists :) Thank you!

Dirty Martini loving at BHOF

This is what happens when you love a woman so much, your ability to take a focused #selfie goes awol ;) @dirtymartininyc it was a pleasure to meet you in real life at last, you utterly fabulous goddess x x

Asian burlesque legends and brown women in the Arts

Legends night at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and I finally got to meet some of my #AsianBurlesque mothers, Cobi, Korene, and the Forbidden City sisters... #overwhelmed Thank you ladies for paving the way for brown women in burlesque. Without you, I would not be standing proudly an Asian Burlesque performer today. 

Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Being a tourist in Las Vegas for a bit before attending the #LegendsOfBurlesque showcase here in Vegas :) #bhof

Poolside in Las Vegas for BHOF

Goofing around like a Grade A goof poolside at the Burlesque Hall of Fame #bhof I'm wearing lingerie by @tuttirougelingerie , headscarf from New York, and retro replica sunglasses from Etsy! 

Sukki's Tutti on tour in Las Vegas!

Catching all the rays! Because lingerie this pretty was made for wearing out! #tuttirouge #bhof

Thursday, 11 June 2015

BHOF tribe - feeling part of a family :)

I am officially part of the #BHoF @burlesquehall family... I have my pass...
Thank you Joyce!! 

Relaxing before my photoshoot in Las Vegas!

Some serious relaxing before my photoshoot this afternoon! 

Day 2 in Las Vegas for BHOF

Day 2 in Las Vegas for the Burlesque Hall of Fame and I'm wearing Vintage 1960s dress from @shareendotcom of New York :) Being sandwiched by these utterly wonderful people :) On top of the moon! x

Best show of my life at BHOF

So.. I DID IT!!! I performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and quite literally the best show of my career (and... breathe!!!) It's been such a journey to get to this point, and so many ups and downs along the way, but being chosen to perform at #BHOF ( ) was an honour and a dream I was determined to live up to, to proudly represent Singapore, and to proudly pay homage to legend Barbara Yung, and my god I wasn't going to let either down!! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me well and sent me such wonderful positive vibes, to my American and Asian #sisterhood (and brothers ;) ), to you, my dear friends, to Jonny Porkpie, Blanche DeBris, Joyce Tang, Jim Sweeney, Kalani Kokonuts and Jo Weldon AND to everyone in the audience you know who you are!! I feel blessed (and relieved!) and now, at 6am, I'm going to get some well-deserved SLEEP! Thank you Las Vegas, and goodnight! - Sukki Singapora x x

What I wore on the night.. BHOF diary x

What I wore on the night! Sandwiching these two ladies at BHOF in my customised (by me) @alyrosevintage dress :) Hope you liked what I did with it Aly! With some serious patterning sisterhood from @damecuchipastiechef and @honiharlow - Thank you x

Backstage at BHOF burlesque hall of fame

Backstage jumpsuit action at the Burlesque Hall of Fame - feeling super nervous but excited! I'm wearing a 1970s two piece by Hamlet's Vintage of New York x

BHOF diary: Tech rehearsals

Just too pretty :) in the wings for tech rehearsals at #bhof

Arriving in Las Vegas for BHOF

Tooooo excited!!! I'm here! 

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sold out! Our Asian Burlesque Spectacular Show!!

My Asian Burlesque Spectacular performance, shot by Zen Tygrezz :) I  am still on cloud 9 from such a wonderful showcase of #asianburlesque talent... We couldn't have asked for more, and I am so proud of each and every one of our performers - this is what it's all about - and here's to Asian women - all women! - having the right to express themselves and be and feel sexy if they darn well wish!! #daretodream #BringOnBHOF @burlesquehall

Why do I co-produce the Asian Burlesque Festival?

Why do I co-produce the Asian Burlesque Festival?

So this Saturday 30th in New York was the 3rd year of our #AsianBurlesqueSpectacular, an event which celebrates and remembers Asian burlesque legends and present performers. Not only is it important to me because it's a realisation of my campaign to fight for our right to express ourselves as Asian women, but it's also important because it remembers and celebrates forgotten #SouthAsian burlesque trailblazers like the #Indianburlesque performer Wah Wah Taysee (Taysie). Our shows truly celebrate all Asian performers from all over the globe representing a strong unity of unsung Asian heroines! So if you want to be part of #woc burlesque history, come support us next year! 

New York! Showgirl tour underway!

New York New York!!! 

Asian burlesque pinup hair

Experimenting with a new hair and makeup look for my New York shows this week :) You can check out a few more looks of mine over at my Instagram @sukkisingapora or Twitter:

Vintage shopping in New York!

Vintage shopping in New York - my ootd! x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My burlesque show at Slipper Room New York

And I couldn't go without posting a snap of my venue! Stunning stage here in New York at the Slipper Room :)

Good evening from New York!

Good evening New York!! I've officially arrived and ready to hit my first set of shows starting with the insanely gorgeous Slipper Room and... A new act! Sneaky peek from backstage ;)

Live burlesque performance pics!

I feel like a Marvel superhero! So much fun performing at Yadi Presents #burlesqueshimmy in Los Angeles this month! Shot by @timhunterphotography x

Brown women in burlesque: meeting Kalani

Anyone who has followed my burlesque journey will know that one of the women who inspired me into the burlesque industry as a "woman of colour" was Kalani Kokonuts. She gave me strength to follow my convictions as an Asian woman in the Arts. It was therefore such an honour to share a stage with her in Los Angeles this month for Yadi presents Burlesque Shimmy at the Yost Theater ( ). Just as lovely inside as she is out, we caught up for drinks after :)

My turn to meet my role models! ;)

Burlesque glove spinning in LA!

One more for luck! This is how you spin a glove... Sonic burlesque speed! At the Yost Theater, you can check it out here:

Live at Yadi Presents Burlesque Shimmy

A sneaky shot from the theatre wings at last night's show in Los Angeles for Yadi Presents burlesque shimmy ( ) - what a fabulous evening - so much love for everyone involved x x 

Burlesque Shimmy LA

Backstage at Yadi Presents Burlesque Shimmy here in LA - can't wait to hit the stage! #burlesque 

Tutti's on tour! Good morning LA!

Tuttis on tour! Taking my new lingerie out for a spin in LA, poolside ;)